Be Excellent To Each Other

Here's what Joe Tree, founder of Blip, had to say about this site in an interview many years ago:

In October 2004, I spent a few hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon in my bedroom building a really simple website which let me publish just one photo a day on the internet and write something about it. I set myself two simple rules: I could only upload one picture a day, and it had to be taken on that day. It was called
I expected to get bored quickly, but surprised myself by becoming completely hooked. It got under my skin, and I found myself walking around, looking at the world in a completely different way.

So I kept doing it.

Lucky for us, the idea caught on with an ever growing number of viewers, and in 2006 Mr Tree created a version of Blip that anyone could use. And look what happened!! 

I joined Blipfoto on January 1, 2011. And I, too, found myself walking around looking at the world in a completely different way. So I kept doing it. And here I am still, eleven years later. I’ve made unexpected friends from all over the world, seen inspired work, been encouraged about my photography, and found joy in simply paying attention.

I chose this particular image of a tree I see often on my morning walk because it speaks to me about daily life, and also about the chance I have here to experiment with how I make things. Blip has always been a safe place to share our work, our lives and our ideas.

Thank you Joe Tree, for your vision, your generosity, and your gift to all of us!

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