By ferryoons

Spring threatens

Up way before dawn this morning, ready for an early out. Before sunrise but there was light above the clouds. The view from the Porridge Hill across the Firth. On the right, the lights of Nairn. Bottom left is tghe MV Antares, a chemical tanker waiting to go into Nigg (it says in my app).

When I was very small my dad went to photography classes. I listened when he came home to learn what he learned. I remember calculating exposure with a Weston Master light meter, no SLRs then. Depth of field, and colour temperature. Not bad for seven. He told me the light goes cold in winter, and colours shift up the spectrum towards blue.

On the way back from Inverness we drove up the Fairy Glen*. The light on the lichen on tree trunks. It was warm. Noticeably so. First time this year. Spring is threatening.

* There are several Fairy Glens. This one is near Rosemarkie.

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