My parents both had birthdays in February, so every year I buy some flowers for the house to remember them. I do love alstroemeria, they look lovely and last quite a long time. An excellent performance by Daniil Medvedev to reach the final this morning. This afternoon I watched the latest Public Records Office talk which was on the 1918-19 flu pandemic. Interesting parallels with flu deniers, stockpiling (bovril), being told to isolate with symptoms, the closure of theatres and public gatherings, a worse 2nd wave, some cases lasting months or even years, and quack remedies and misinformation. Interesting info on the BFI website

Day 340 / Day 45 of Lockdown 3 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 533 to 119,920 (revised basis), with 12,027 new cases, 19,392 patients in hospital, 2,535 on ventilation and 1,490 new admissions. The R number falls to 0.6-0.9, with a daily infection growth rate of -6% to -3%. c16.9m have now received their first dose of the vaccine. Research shows that a 12 week gap between doses of the AZ vaccine leads to efficacy of 81% as opposed to 55% for a 6 week gap. The 1st dose offered 76% protection. A study from Israel of 7,000 healthcare workers given the Pfizer jab shows efficacy of 85% between 15 and 28 days after their first jab. Asymptomatic infections also reduced significantly. The EU has doubled its contribution to COVAX to 1bn euros.  The PM says that the UK will share the majority of its surplus vaccines with COVAX. Yesterday the WHO says that 75% of all vaccines administered to date globally have been given by just 10 countries. Cases in London have fallen 90% in just over a month per the ONS. They also report that in private households to w/e 12/2, 1 in 125 in Wales, 1 in 105 in NI, 1 in 180 in Scotland and 1 in 115 in England had the virus - all reducing nicely but still too high. The lockdown in Wales has been extended for 3 weeks, but the youngest pupils will return to school on Monday. 

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