Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Last night Gavin enjoyed his cocktail making session, not that I got to taste one....he said they were too sweet and he thought I would not like one. Hmm, lame excuse I think!

This morning on my way to get groceries I stopped off at a spot that usually gets lovely crocuses every spring, and yes, this year they were in bloom again, masses of them! It was a dull day but as I was taking this photo the sun came out briefly so I was pleased to get a bit of sunlight on these flowers.

Our fine dining dinner was delivered today - by the manager of the catering company so I could thank him again in person for the excellent customer service in providing this free dinner as compensation for last week's disappointing dinner. As is the new trend now in lockdown these meals are mainly cooked off site and you have to 'finish' them off at home, and they provide everything and step by step instructions. In some cases it is as simple as placing in the oven for 30 minutes. The menu tonight is a starter of mushroom arancini with parsnip puree, slow cooked pork belly with fancy vegetables, and new season fruit crumble with muscovado and citrus cream - sounds good doesn't it? 

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