Keith B

By keibr

I had a birthday today...

It's been a lovely day, full of distance communication with many friends and family. One of the side effects of this pandemic is that so many are now much more at home in the world of distance communication so there have been photos, films, and a lot of words, as well as Whatsapp and Facetime phone calls.  Two people even phoned on the landline phone which has sat silently in the corner for a long time.
Tomorrow I continue the celebrations as a few friends come around to celebrate in the snowy outdoors and then two stay for dinner indoors in the evening.
A lot of this has been organised by the lovely Jan, who has shared my life for more than 40 years - thank you Jan!!
I'm thinking a more traditional, post-Covid, birthday celebration later in the year hopefully in the summer when we can meet up and mingle, as in those good-old-days.  But regardless of that I've really enjoyed my day today.

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