By SamAgainPlease

Honesty in advertising...

...There should be more of it!

For a while now my partner and I have joked about our "Friday night date" - a trip to the supermarket when it's not too busy.  Masks not required in Sydney anymore except public transport but still makes sense to avoid crowds.

The regular date's been put on hold lately as our son has a job.  Not his first, but the first in a while (he's not alone there of course).  He got his driver's licence recently and, within weeks, started delivering pizzas for a neighbour who has a local pizza shop.

Last night, carless, we decided to walk into Dee Why and use a "buy-one-get-one-half-price" dinner voucher.  It was as good / bad as we expected so decided to roam around the shops looking for other fine dining establishments to frequent in the future.

Perhaps not this one - might've suited me to a tee 30-40 years ago but my partner has always been partial to Green Leafy Salads so it's off the list for now.

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