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Photographs of Edinburgh from the Robert Blomfield archive - book arrived today. Specifically of interest to me, as I started at school in Edinburgh around 1968, and there are things, places and events from those and earlier years in my life, that are in and around what's captured. A big thank you to MrSmith, whom mentioned looking through the photos recently, and diverted my gaze this way.

Lots of street type photography, and characters therein. The kind of things the kids were getting up to reminded me of those much more innocent times for everyone. Suspect a lot of those were typical for that time, that if a few children saw someone with a camera, you'd hear the call, "Hey mister! Gonna take our photo!" And they'd gleefully gather around for a group shot in a mixture of inquisitive and mischievous fun. That's certainly apparent in some of the shots. Some bemusement in others, and a few expressions and activities that made me laugh out loud. Old Edinburgh scenes, and a few from the surrounds. The ferryboat man on the Crammond River - that's one scene I remember, from doing a walk from there to South Queensferry... but was that with my younger brother, or with my bird watching friend from school? It was later than the books contents, but before my photography years commenced. That may be recorded in an old diary somewhere. Just wish I could ask Cam, and chat about old times, but no chance now.

There's a touching video with, and about, Robert Blomfield, the photographer. It will seem to be very slow moving at first, but in reality it is gently introducing the background story, and the necessity for its pace will become clear later. Sadly, he died last December.

Suspect they may have a mistake or typo on the age of one photo (page76) of the underside of the then new Forth Road Bridge, which they say is from 1965. It looks to me like the structure is complete, but the decking of the bridge isn't in place, as there's light passing through from above. There's also a construction crane in the foreground below the bridge. One of my earliest memories was the family all gathering around the wee black & white television one afternoon (a while before colour TV), to watch the official opening of the bridge by the Queen. She, in her big black car, was driven across the bridge as part of the ceremony. At the time I didn't know that this huge new bridge was only about a dozen miles from where we lived, but then I was just approaching four years old. That was in 1964, so if that photo was taken during the construction phase, it would have to have been earlier than 1965.

Whatever, a good book, especially from the perspective of someone recognising much of the place, times, and behaviour, if not the specific characters.

Some not so good news tonight was that my eldest sister, whom is somewhat vulnerable, has caught Covid-19. After being in the vicinity of someone else that contracted it (and is now in hospital), she was contacted to self-isolate. After ten days with no symptoms she'd thought she was okay, and then very suddenly found otherwise, as it struck. She seems to be past the worst stage, feeling better, and certainly sounded cheery, between coughs (on Saturday).

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