Improving my skills

By H0tamer


Today I went to Lampertheim to meet our son M. We planned to (and did) have a walk in the nature reserve Lampertheimer Altrhein, an peninsula surrounded by the Rhine at one side and the old-Rhine at the other side.
We walked approximately 10km in lovely spring weather, even without a coat, just in shirts! The reserve was heavily hit by the high water of the Rhine, with many of the paths darn muddy. And garbage in the trees, more than 2 metres above the water level.
My blip is of an old, derelict weir. Ages ago it must have been in use, to protect some of the land. But nowadays the water is more free to flow wherever it likes. Still within boundaries, but at least at both sides of the weir if the Rhine is too full.
Thanks to Marlieske for hosting the Derelict Sunday challenge.

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