On the rocks

At the northern end of the motorway north is a short tunnel. As I was about to enter it I saw the notice that there had been an incident a little north and drivers were advised to expect delays.  The delay was considerable; nearly a half hour to cover at most 2.5 km. This was on the way home to Fidelis Ave.

A quick change and down to the shore to clear my head. I had good photos of a Torea pango (black morph of the variable oystercatcher), a white-faced heron, a kawau paka, and after getting back to the beach house a Kereru (wood pigeon). 

I chose to blip a photo of a Tara (white-fronted tern) on rocks just out from the shore. It had a companion, and I suspect they were almost reserving the rocks for the soon to happen arrival of the flock of Tara waiting to hunt on an incoming tide.

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