Frog on the rocks

For today's Mono Monday theme 'overlay with rocks as main photo'. Our main stone pond frog is getting mossier and mossier every week, hitting moss rock bottom (reflecting our lockdown hair maybe). Merged onto a picture of some rocks in the front garden. Thanks Carolina for hosting MonoMonday in February 2021.

The weather remains  strange, now the sun can't really shine full on because there's Sahara sand in our atmosphere. From polar temperatures to Sahara sand within a week !

In other news I have received my Covid jab invitation for next Sunday as the first person in the family due to some health issues, I guess. With the notion that the second jab will only be 12 weeks later, make that half May ! No idea when the rest of the family will be invited, but definitely even later so it does mean that there won't be any travelling to Scotland this year either. Not that we had been expecting it really ...  How the world has changed !

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's anemone and the Abstract Thursday results !

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