By Ingleman

Albrighton Moat Project

It would be difficult to visualise what you would see if this photograph was taken 29 years ago. In October 1992 it was a field. None of what you can see actually existed. The Moat was there but was filled in with generations of debris and overspill from the construction of the A41 Albrighton bypass which runs adjacent to the site.  It became a project which featured on a TV programme called Challenge Anneka. You might have heard of it. In two and a half days the basis of what is there now became reality and can be watched on YouTube "Challenge Anneka - Albrighton Angling Centre (TV episode 1992.") 
It is quite exceptional what has been achieved and what the charity now provides, for people with a range of disabilities.
The Moat and island are protected by English Heritage and are managed under strict conditions which limit certain activities. But in essence the project survives and thrives for the benefit of many people who live under some extreme physical and mental  infirmities. A day here for them, is priceless. I am proud to be a small part of this initiative and feel that I benefit as much from working here as a volunteer as those who come here for respite and relaxation. 

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