The second half of life..

By twigs

Spent agapanthus

People seem to either love or hate these plants - I love them, though I have consciously chosen not to have any any at home as they are b-i-g and spread quite quickly.  My wee garden wouldn't cope.  J though has banks of aggies which would look stunning in full bloom.  Alas, they're coming to an end but whilst the colour has all but gone, the form remains, and an interesting for it is too.

J has headed to Auckland to see her mum and catch up on a few other things so whilst she's away, I'm house/dog/cat/alpaca/cow sitting.  Susie and I walked on Matarangi Beach this morning.  I think I may have overdone it for both her and me - we're both pretty tuckered this evening.  Weather is forecast to turn a bit yucky over the next couple of days when I was hoping to head up to the very north of the Coromandel Peninsula.  I'll have to put decisions on hold until we see what the weather's doing.

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