One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Not just siblings...

As I pointed out to them upon seeing this image on the LCD screen on the camera, they're not just siblings, they're also friends. 

Mimi immediately declared the statement to be "cringe 101" 

But it's true. They are great friends. And yes, perhaps, at times, on rare occasions, their dad can come up with cringey slogans. 

There are no two ways about it: lockdowns are pure and utter shite. But I have come to realise just how well the three kids get on together. They really have been supporting each other. They are very close, especially Mimi and Finn, and they work really well as a trio. They love to have a laugh together. There is always a lot of teasing. A LOT of noise. But rarely an argument and never a fight. A real one. One that hurts with tears and things said that won't go away. 

I am glad that they are there for each other, for the close physical contact, for the social interactions, for the laughter, for the slagging. Even for the noise. 
Oh, the noise... 

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