By TynvdB

Another day of outside work. Early in the morning there were clouds veiling sunrise. But look, they vanished. Making this Tuesday into a very Sunny healthy happening. First  I still had to gather a lot of old leaves and dirt at the frontside, the driveway and the sidewalk. It took almost the entire morning. But its so good to enjoy this outdoor life. Thats the reason why we came and why we chose our residence here. The dream of living freely, creatively and a lot of gardenspacwe all around. And thats why I wont return to Holland, in spite of Mischa&Dolf living there. And in spite of my love for the Northsea.
Its more than six months ago I have been at the Dutch coast. I would love to go there. But as far as foreseable now, vaccination, testing and travelling will have to wait for another couple of months. Summertime, perhaps, who knows…I do my best in deepening patience, perhaps even serenity. The work I did today offers me a kind of exercise. Without concise plan, without urge, I let the job show where my attention is needed most. I joke and talk with my DearestLove. I’m wearing her jacket. You could easily mistakenly see Her busy in her usual garden activities. Sometimes calling me for giving a hand and carry the heavy green bags uphil.
Meanwhile the uncovering is resulting in a joyous multitude of unfolding flowerbulbs. Some of them with pale leafs, just peeping up after I removed their Oak- and Beechleaf blanket. It makes enjoy this fresh new start towards the Spring. And for sure I will spend a lot of days in Our Great Wild Hillforest Garden. It is so unique. Meanwhile, I tryed to read a bit during timeout. I managed to get that final Bankaccountarrangement ready. And I contacted Mischa because of the mess in the basement. A leakage caused by moonlighting construction workers for the downstairs neighbours. The worst is over now. But the waterdammage is great. In the evening finally leaning back on the coach I fell asleep…

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