Strange bedfellows

Last night's camera club talk was all about blending modes, which went totally over my head.  The person certainly knows his stuff but I couldn't keep up and gave up half way through the evening.

I managed to catch a good bit of Lucy Worsley's "Blitz" programme on BBC1, which I thought was excellently put together.

This morning was another Zoom session with the photographic club and this afternoon I have spent in the garden doing a little tidying up, and boy am I out of condition.  I was huffing and puffing like an old steam train.  JJ meanwhile has been cracking on over the back, clearing more brambles and finding his way through to where last year's rubbish is rotting down. and adding more.

The fruit trees have taken a battering from rabbits and/or muntjac and several have had the guards ripped off and the bark stripped.  I spotted this unlikely lot as I tied up one of the damaged guards.

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