Lisa's life...

By lisa24270


It's my birthday today making amethyst my birthstone - could explain my love of all things purple :)

After I'd opened my gifts of Lego and my favourite chocolates, the lovely boyfriend got down on one knee (and given his medical situation did quite well to get up again!) 

This is something we'd spoken about (silver not gold, band style rather than solitaire, and most importantly, affordable) and I love it. He liked this almost 'eternity' style too as it represents "forever" :)

We have also spoken about the fact that, despite our ages, this will probably be a much longer engagement than our friends and family would like, given various aspects of F's personal circumstances.

Nevertheless I'm a happy girl and looking forward to a glass of fizz with my birthday cake :) 

I think this classes as 'Shiny Metal' for the Wide Wednesday theme today too, don't you?!

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