By ArcLight

Yellow on grey

Mr A and I took a quick walk up to the weir and back after my first meeting. That sorted a blip. Here’s the new development on Newhaven Road, which more or less where Blip Central used to be.... This building, though, is constructed on top of what was a car park.

I spent most of the morning getting some documents close to submission stage, and then sent them off for review. Other emails were sent and replies received. I also watched some interesting presentations on legal responses to the pandemic, especially one focused on Finland.

Later on I took a spinning class, and then made dinner (unusual for me to do that on a week day). I baked some big mushrooms with goats cheese and pancetta; pretty good IMHO. Mr A and I watched a film in the evening: The Current War. Ok, but definitely not much more than pleasant moving wallpaper. Which of course given what Edison is best known for, apart from lightbulbs (I.e. moving pictures), is quite ironic.

A bad sleep again last night, thanks to the pandemic. FOMO, apparently, is a thing, and might be what I’m suffering from. I don’t think so. I think it is just the case that I don’t like uncertainty and that is above all what the releasing of lockdown generates. I have slept much worse in the last few days since the discussion of lockdown release has accelerated. Maybe I’m better in full lockdown.... or full release! I’ll read a bit more of my daytime book before I go to bed. Last night, I read a fascinating section about the Lazi people of north east Turkey. Here’s a review of the original book by Misha Glenny which captures some of the aspects of why I’m finding this book fascinating if, in places, somewhat romanticising of certain sorts of national movements.

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