By ArcLight


Mr A and I had a good walk this morning before I started work. The light was nice and directional, and the colours were bright and cheerful. The only disappointment was finding the gate to Warriston Cemetery locked because of a dangerous or falling tree. Yet someone in my Facebook feed this afternoon commented on having been in the cemetery today, so they either used the unofficial entrance or it opened later on.

I spent the rest of the day at the interface making some progress on all fronts, but somehow not getting through stuff as fast as I might do. I concluded the working day by listening to a launch event about a book on which I am planning that we should do a book symposium, but probably not until next year. I set up my plans during the event as to how to deliver upon that idea.

Since dinner, I’ve been exploring my new iPad a bit more, and also thinking about trying to use it for drawing. I used to draw a lot, but I’m out of practice and out of the habit. Since I bought the Apple Pencil when I splurged on new kit, it makes sense to try and use the iPad, but I’m not sure what the best app or learning portal it would be best to use. I also think I will have to get off my chair and sit at the table if this is to be my plan! Which isn’t my idea of fun in the evenings.

A better, or at least a longer, sleep last night. Fitbit was not actually too impressed with my sleep, but I thought it was pretty good, and I was so deeply asleep when the alarm started buzzing on my wrist that it took me a while to figure out what it was.

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