Plus ça change...

By SooB

Comical hens

I took holiday today (from 5.30pm) so I could see some daylight. It felt like the weekend! The hens were somewhat confused by my presence (taking bad photos of daffodils and blossom for my Mam).

The ‘holiday’ was in honour of Mr B properly breaking out the barbecue, and countless delicious Ottolenghi side dishes (my greed prevented my remembering to take a photo of that). I was spoiled at lunch as well (prawn cocktail with smoked trout bagel for afters).

Work continues to ramp up uncontrollably, with a request today to make sub-contracts for a Government framework. Before Friday. Early start tomorrow then! For the same client, a call today with non-client folk where I properly nearly lost it and just had go on mute and leave a very long awkward silence for fear of letting them really know what I thought of their patronising, bullying tactics.

The gardener was here this morning doing his usual competent stuff. Someone cleaned Mr B’s barbecue: he suspects foul play, I think the wind just blew the dust away.

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