Plus ça change...

By SooB

Giant’s thimble

A panicky wool purchase from Sunday night arrived today (I realised I had forgotten to order extra wool to make the sleeves a proper length - and the manufacturer has discontinued that wool). I’m sure this Spanish seller was delighted to shift their last six balls, and sent them in this rather lovely box, along with a Giant’s thimble, or possibly a tiny drinking cup?

Work kept me out of the garden again. Some potentially terrifying work has turned out to be not so scary after all, but sets me off on yet another learning curve. Happily one that Mr B can help push me up.

TallGirl finally had news from uni, and she can probably go back after Easter. But only probably. Which is fine because obviously KLM sell ‘probably’ tickets. Sheesh.

Some excellent news to celebrate about a friend, so fizz in the fridge to bring out for tomorrow’s call! (Any excuse!)

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