By Beinghere

Gillingshill Nature Reserve

The waterfall at Gillingshill runs down from the reservoir.  There was a fairly good volume of water today.  Two swans and lots of ducks but they were too far away to get decent photos.
We had a lovely walk and Geordie was very good, I`m pleased to say.

Then we went to Leven for bird seed and fat balls.  Got what I needed then on the return journey a big collie ran out of a drive straight onto the road in front of the car.  It`s a while since i`ve had to do such an urgent emergency stop.  I was sure I was going to hit him, but, thankfully I didn`t.  It was a very lucky dog.  Of course everything in the car ended up on the floor, including Geordie.  I was fortunate there was no car behind me or it could have been nasty.
When we got home I topped up the bird feeders, then sat down with a muffin and cocoa.
After that it was time to check out my photos, then I buzzed round with the hoover and even dusted.
Time to eat now.

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