By seizetheday

Cheviot sunset

A much calmer day than yesterday, thank goodness!

Accompanied MrM on a trip to Alnwick this afternoon, to pick up the van from the garage. He drove us there by the direct route, to avoid the possibility of damaging the sporty little electric-blue courtesy car, or its tyres, on the minor roads with their cavernous potholes. Back home in the van via the scenic route, and MrM stopped a couple of times for photos.

Struggling for Blip inspiration recently, but I had several shots to choose from today. Eventually settled on the sun setting behind the Cheviot, taken from the road by Ros Castle. Best viewed in large, where you can just about see the vestiges of snow on the hills. Second choice was the tree with the almost-full moon rising above it.

Apparently this is Blip number 2920 - 8 years of Blips! I thought I'd be lucky to reach 365! Many thanks to everyone who stops by, and to those who kindly give stars and hearts. And a huge thank you to the Blipfoto Team and everyone else working behind the scenes to keep Blipfoto going!

Lockdown 3, day 52

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