By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 56: my Rothko shed

Our decrepit former donkey shed has already featured once on a Derelict Sunday Blip, and I will undoubtedly find several more distinct details or views of it to photograph before lockdown and shielding finally end and allow me to return to more varied locations. 

This section is a boarded up window, and the subtle, painterly colour variations of ancient, peeling varnish and a growth of moulds fit today's Abstract Thursday challenge. I think I prefer this version, without its frame. I like Rothko's work a lot, and many of his subtly coloured canvasses include colour variations which may suggest the openings of doorways or windows. We love to sit, quietly and meditatively, in the darkened room at Tate Modern whose walls are lined with his Seagram murals. I hope we may feel able to return there sometime this summer.                                                                                                   

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