By TynvdB

Another Secret Garden

Before We were so lucky to find this wonderful Foresthillside House with its garden all around, we had always been dreaming of a green living. We both had been kids of the First and Second Floor, a stony balcony, a neighbouring roof. If you were old enough – after the dark wartime indoordays – you were allowed to play outside alongside the ditch or in a nearby meadow. Willemien loved to stroll there and pick bouquets of simple wild flowers, buttercups and daisies.
Later, after we met and married, Our Home with a Little Garden, remained far away. Yes, we build our illegal city-roofgarden, abundant with plants and flowers, Little Sunny Paradise for Our Cats&Us. Then in the old villagehouse where Mischa was born, there was a kind of very small inner yard. We turned it into Our Tiny Special Garden. With a Lilac Tree and a Mini-pool where the birds came bathing. And Mischa could play outside behind the wooden fence.  And we would enjoy our meals outside.
Twentyfive years later Willemiens secondhand bookshop had to be liquidated, We all had to move elswhere, where? In the village where we had lived Our Small is Beautifull-life perhaps we could have afforded a very small house in a row with a backyard. But only without most of our books. And then we searched and looked everywhere in the far North, East and South. ,.Nothing for our budget. Lets try beyond the border, yes after longlong travels, just in the middle of this magnificent great Germany finally we found this. In the springtime almost thirteen years ago.
It still is so amazing to start your First Real Garden Adventure as pensioners. Finally here in this Carlsheaven’s Gardentown Our childhooddream came true. Thats what makes My DearestLove’s Secret Garden so special. I thank G’d for every day we spend here together. And of course for an insider there are many more Secret Gardens to be found. If you know where to look. Today I visited such a secret orchard. After we First discovered this holy realm, Willemien would go there in February/March every year. You will find the pictures in Her Journal. And in mine.  So today I had to have a look over there to pay tribute to Our Childhooddreams.

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