Raspberry Pi Sandwich

Today has been very interesting and busy.

After breakfast I went to see friend in the village who had the roof on their house rebuilt last year. They now have very thick loft insulation up there and a nice piece of aerogel board on the loft hatch. Since my last visit they had also installed some secondary double glazing on the doors and made a few other changes. Suffice to say the improvements seem to have worked and they are happy with them. I also said I help a friend of theirs who is using a Raspberry Pi to do some 3D printing.

After lunch it was down to the Hampshire Linux Users Group meeting at Southampton University. There were many Raspberry Pis on display they really have become de rigeur for your average geek! There was a really good talk on how to improve your broadband from an engineer at an ISP and we had fun playing with some of the Pis.

You could say my day has been a metaphorical Raspberry Pi Sandwich. The blip is a real sandwich. On the bottom out of shot is a LiPo battery used to top up a smartphone or tablet. In the middle there is a stock Raspberry PI and on top of that is a custom board doing some geek thing - showing it's IP address and uptime. Basically it's a small portable computer - about 19 hours of battery life that you can carry around with you and plug into TVs or screens, but unlike a tablet or smartphone, it's a real computer you can make real changes to, and in this case hook up to other devices to make it to do real (geek) things!

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