By Pinkhairedlady

Coming along nicely

Mr PHL has worked really hard today and is almost up to the point where he will need help with the roof. The slats all slot into place but he’s discovered one of them is slightly warped and doesn’t fit flush so he stopped for the day whilst he ponders his options

My friend Susan came for lunch (an advantage of bubbling) and the puppy was over the moon to have a new person to fuss over him.

It was lovely earlier on but had clouded over and cooled down by the time I took Phin out around 4. Quick trot round the stream before half an hour of tug of war and zoomies. He’s now crashed out!

Not planning much beyond an early night as we stayed up quite late chatting after we solved the clues and managed to get out of the online escape room. Some of clues were easier than others to solve but we all helped each other out. It was fun.

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