By spannarama

Cuteness on legs

Vaccine day today :)  I'm still feeling exhausted, so did very little this morning, but had a short walk to the heath and back after lunch, and visited the babies.  They were full of cuteness today, posing in a sweet little pile underneath their mama, and then parading along the edge of the pond.  They attract so much attention - I stood up from taking my photos and saw quite an audience had assembled!

This afternoon we drove over to New Cross, and got our first Covid vaccinations.  All very slick and efficient, with lots of helpful volunteers - we were jabbed within minutes of each other, and then sat in a waiting room (socially distanced) with others for 15 minutes afterwards, to ensure no adverse reactions.  

Had an easy evening after that (with a slightly sore arm, but nothing else) - watched another episode of It's a Sin.  So good!  (And so moving.)

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