An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Crocus pocus...

We had a fantastic zoom meeting celebrating Emily and Sam's engagement last night.  I am so glad they were happy to do it all over again. What a laugh.  And how exciting to hear them talk about their plans for the wedding.  It won't be till 2023 but with all the wedding postponements due to Covid, they are hoping to book a venue soon, although the would like to be able to actually visit it before finally deciding.

More obsessing over the water drops, this time with flowers for added frustration interest.  Getting the flower to stay facing the right direction in the water is virtually impossible so in the end I let it do it's own thing and amazingly after floating to the right, the movement in the water caused by the drops always brought it back to the right position. 

Dinner of slow cooked Ragu and more episodes of The Crown.  We are late to the party (now on Season 3) and loving it.

Lola's titre test results came in from the Vet today.  She is showing good immunity to all the diseases tested apart from hepatitis, which shows low immunity.  This is probably because she's not recently been in contact with that disease so her body hasn't had to produce antibodies, but we will arrange her booster for that, to be on the safe side.

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