By Cheeryoscuro

They're behind you...

A sunny, chill day of a few parts. Got up late, well about 8.30, which is stretching it for the dogs. The saga of the neighbour's cat came a little later. Jar Jar scared Dave (though she's a female), up the tree, where she hunted for a bit. Then the neighbour had to climb on the wall to get her down. We had a ladder, it didn't quite reach and anyway, I was still in pyjamas and didn't fancy being up a ladder with a scratching cat, as my pjs fell to my ankles. No one wanted that.
Post cat-scapade and a bit of lunch, we went to the beach, which was lovely and had several surfers doing their best. Some scattered families, some lone figures and a few mad dogs.
Later again I took a walk into town and a few more shots, Spring seems to be here at last. I've done a Flickr album, if you want to have a look. Don't pretend you have anything else to do...
Cat up a tree & other stories

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