By TynvdB

A Sunday Afternoonwalk to SouthEastwindow

Let this be just an ordinary end of winter Sunday. I might wish that for the writing of this journal. After awaking this morning andsoandsoforth, you know. But what is left of Our ordinary Sundays? Countles things have changed since Our Togetherness was ripped apart. My existence has been shaken in its foundations, partly at least. I’m still busy finding out what my new now solitary life is all about. How some kind of unknown normal is growing up where there used to be all kinds of selfevident ways of sharing, reacting, demanding, talking, helping, doing, serving, listening, touching, laughing, looking, feeling, participating…
In stead of that energetic, meaningful common life, world, now yawns silence, emptiness, a deep abyss. It is still so absurd…So what can I do? Be brave and perform a kind of new normal? Improvise, keep myself busy, exercising, health training? Social, family&friends contacting? But you know someone like me does not need distractions. Not so easy, by the way, during Lockdown. It has become clear, that the confrontation with this breathtaking absence at my side of the beloved Other, is urging me towards a reexaming and deepening of Faith.
But  writing about Faith every time, would make this a boring journal. How could I even suppose that you would like to read about spirit&soul matters. This is Blipfoto-journal!
Indeed, let me simply tell about my ordinary Sunday afternoonwalk. Through the forest, down alongside the gurgling and splashing Peacevallybrook. To the usual Weserriversidewalk. Too shadowy to take a good picture. Saying goodbye to Our new Sheepfriends and finally arriving at Our turningpoint at Southeastwindow. From here She would have liked to see if there are already dragon flies. Much too early, though We have seen a few butterflies last week. And then we return all the way back and up to Our still Sunny House. After a strong Russian Earl Grey, the sun is setting in the West. Marking the closing of a beautiful end of winter Sunday.

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