By TynvdB

Willemiens Favorite Sunlit Dragonfly

The first half of this day was rather uninviting: misty, cloudy, cold. A good opportunity to continue my reading. Not so easy by the way. Restarting in Tillich’s Courage to be is asking  a lot of readiness to open yourself up to analysis you had  passed over before. And then you understand why it is impossible to do a chapter by fast reading. You miss invitation after confrontation. And this is one of his popular writings!
You need time, patience, meditation, rereading, going back a few pages, let his sacred inspiration and understanding of human reality do its work. This whole process you are involved in has its own rhythm, its time of growing and maturing. But also, shaking you up, frighten in confrontation, warnings. You need energy  to follow this great  spiritual friend on his way into deep wisdom of the heart.
In the afternoon the sky cleared blue. The sun invited me to sit outside. I had to put earplugs on. Downhill people were busy cleaning with a strong motorpump. You could not escape the perpetual penetrating pitch noise, that caught you in the centre. So I put earplugs on to absorb the worst.
And then, surprise Hello, Our dear friend Gerlinde litterally appeared from behind a corner where  no visitor will ever show up. She climbed over from the neighbours garden, where she had been for while. And now she came saying Hello, looking if I was at home. And so we had  a very enjoyable meeting, conversation a lot to ask&tell- until it became too cold outside. I tried to make a picture of her, but the sunlight was blinding, my shadow darkening a part of her. Instead I selected one of Willemiens favorite half-hidden garden-decorations: Among all her flying insects She cherished Her Butterflies and most of all Her Dragonfly.
So, thankyou All for still visiting my Journalpage. And also you, Dear Gerlinde  for your nice and vivid surprise. Have a good and peacefull Night.

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