By TynvdB

Between Inside and outside, winter and spring, retreating and outgoing. It feels like we are a bit caught up, immobilized, apart from reigningLockdown restrictions. After a long cold and grey morning, again, like yesterday we had this turnaround in the afternoon. In spite of the low temps the sun came warming us up. So I could move to the balcony. With my earplugs in. The piercing Sirens started their perpetual lamentation shortly after I was up. Mind you in Germany  workers still are very early starters! No idea what they actually have been doing.
But they have left! I hope so…Finally during the second half of the afternoon, I could have felt that touch of holliday feeling. But not for long. Not so much because of the gravity of my confrontational reading matter, but just while the lowering sun gave way to a chilly wind. Nevertheless it was pleasant to sit outside. Not feeling the burden of ongoing Covid-restrictions, or immobilized by grieving. Breathing in the wide space for possible change…
Thankyou from Our Heart, dear Pipersmom, for your special comment on the symbolic meaning of the Dragonfly. Clearly Willemien would have been very interested in your wistful reminder: Dragonfly as the symbol of “change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life”.
As the sun was sinking lower and lower, being back inside, my attention was caught by this sunny – and a bit dusty…-scene in some of Willemiens bookshelves. With Her I cherish the symbolism and the memories of Our Loving Living Past. You see Pinoccio, Plick&Plock and Mischa&Dolf. We are not only memories. But also blowing old dust from our feet on Our way towards a new and unknown future.

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