By Veronica

Ghost sign

Sorry, nothing else today. In St Laurent dropping off a parcel ... someone bought eight second-hand books off me! That will earn me all of, ooh, 10 euros to spend on more books.

I baked a loaf of bread, did more mosaic ... I think I spend most of my time trying to decide what colour to put where and shuffling bits around.

In covid news, the Prime Minister's office is now fiddling stats in an attempt to make the French vaccination programme look better. Desperate stuff. Meanwhile millions of doses are lying around unused. Received: 8.7 million. Used: 4.5 million. A large part of the stockpile is AstraZeneca doses, thanks to Macron's misleading claim that it was ineffective for over-65s. Incidentally, Covidtracker.fr ,which I link to above, was set up independently by a locked-down 24-year-old, Guillaume Rozier, using government data.

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