By Beinghere

Carboniferous Rock

Today we set off along the coastal path to St Monans, and I thought it was about time I learned a bit about the rocks on the foreshore that I love to photograph.
So, after climbing over lots of rocks, finding the rocks I wanted to photograph, slipping and falling on my backside (Ouch!), we returned home to do some research.
At times like this I really appreciate the WWW..  Having all that information at my fingertips is a joy.
So I sat, with a hot water bottle to ease the pain in my derriere, and read up about the rock formations on this bit of coast. 

A Wee Synopsis
Around 300 million years ago the central belt of Scotland was covered with rainforest, and the surrounding tropical seas had thriving coral reefs and abundant fauna.
In this Carboniferous period, amid a steamy tropical climate, and in response to changes in sea level, sequences of sediments were laid down, alternately; limestone
These layers can be clearly seen today.
It`s hard to imagine the climate here being tropical.  Today is much colder than the last few days.  I went out without hat and gloves.  A bad move.
Then I made a pot of vegetable chilli that will do me for a few days.
I`m off now to hem my new pair of walking trousers.
Geordie was such a good boy today.  When I was down clambering over the rocks I left him up on the coastal path.  I told him to sit and stay and that`s exactly what he did.  I must appreciate when he behaves well instead of focusing and worrying about what he does wrong.

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