Life through the lens...

By ValC


Another dismal day, but decided to go for a walk.Felt very raw. Needed scarf and gloves to keep warm.
Decided to go on the lane down past the farm where we get the eggs, and also have the Devon cross cows. They have been inside since last year, but one of the barns opens onto the lane, and if standing on tiptoe you can see in.
I was delighted to see three new calves. Tried to take a few photos, but difficult because of the bars. However one of the calves came over to see what I was up to. Followed close behind by a very protective mum.
The only decent photo I managed, but thought it was rather cute.
May tag it for Tiny Tuesday.

The lane was drying, and the fields weren’t too wet, so decided on a short cut back along the Kirklees Way. All was OK until I reached a very narrow section between a tall fence at the back of some houses, and a hawthorn hedge and fence on the other side. Deep mud! Which ever way I tried my feet sunk in. Wish I had put my boots on instead of walking shoes. They were covered completely in mud.
Certainly needed a good scrub when I got home.
Still it was a very enjoyable walk. Only met one or two people. I think the weather had kept the inside.

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