The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Made My Choice

We got a new assignment for page 10 of our Book of Masks. It’s about the landing on Mars. It must have a large circle that touches the top and sides of the page. The background must be black. We also have to include a cartoon character. I spent the mid morning thinking about what I wanted to do. I searched for various characters and sketched some design ideas. I thought of Pluto ( for personal reasons relating to plutonium) and Pogo Possum. Then I thought of Cat Woman or Cat Girl. I thought of inventing a character called Eartha Kitty based on a business of that name and a black cat who was the shop mascot. Then I came upon a picture of Calvin and Hobbes riding fast in their wagon and had an aha moment. Their wagon became Perseverance and my idea was born. I drew the circle in my book and painted black gesso around it. Now I’m ready to draw.

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