Tipper Target

I was pretty desperate for a bliportunity today.  I had spent most of the day trying to wangle this house sale and purchase after our conveyancer told me that our timescale was "extremely tight".  So now we're looking at unlinking sale and purchase, moving before exchange on our next house and renting it until completion.  That way we can keep our removals date, avoid cancellation/postponement penalties running into thousands and stop living among boxes.

So when I saw my bodhran lying on a packing box I decided that that was today's blip.  I love beating the thing (with a "tipper"), even though it's not a professional instrument: it's noisily satisfying.  One day I'll learn a different beat . . .

And there's a lovely beat in this late re-hash of The Partisan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RYy_8u4blk

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