Ink Polaroids

By inkpolaroids

¶ Evening Walk

I went out for an evening walk for a change. Truth is that I couldn't get out any earlier due to, well, things, so I rushed the dinner and went out for a walk with Kirsty. Then, just before we got home Ben rang, asking if I could pick him up from his friends house. He'd missed the last train home and wouldn't have made it home in time before the curfew.
Other than that not an altogether exciting day. We were told today that we'd be working from home until the end of Mayz at which point we're going back on a three/two rota, with three days in the office, two days at home. We'll have to see if we get that far: the numbers are soaring again here in The Netherlands.
Then home and a few episodes of Happy Valley we have been taping off the telly.

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