By Swann6


I looked back at my journal last night, and felt rather sad seeing lovely pictures of my garden, my older daughter and things we did before the pandemic and my big move. But as a wise friend pointed out, 'you're looking at the edited highlights'. But nonetheless I didn't sleep well and headed to you-know-where this morning for a dawn coffee. 

Then what did I see? The boat heading into port, giving me just enough time to get the coffee and speed-walk to the end of the pier. In she sailed, quite majestically out of the hazy yonder - then she has to come up close to the pier wall before reversing into her berth (main pic). I know I'm a nerd when it comes to big boats, loud planes and fast trains, but it really flippin' cheered me up!

That and the gorgeous light and calm water once the sun came up (example in extras!). So it turned into a positive and productive day... onward and upward!

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