By wrperry

Close Encounters

I left the house today excited to try out my new purchase, a Sony a9ii camera.  I began my photography journey with a Sony, thanks to my awesome friend, Osuzanna.  She has been invaluable in teaching me how she gets her amazing photos, and needless to say, is the reason I joined the blip community.  Anyway, I've been itching for something new during these trying times, so there we have it.

I didn't have much time, so I went to the path along a creek behind my house, as I've often done over the last few months.  I usually spot a handful of birds, and once in a while a deer in the distance.  Today, it seemed like they were out looking for me -- and came so close!  This Red-shouldered Hawk was literally on a branch hanging over the path.  He sat still for me to take 500 photos (I know, I got carried away), then flew down behind me and captured some small unfortunate creature (extras). He went back to the branch to devour what looked like a small frog, but couldn't have been due to the season, wiped his face on the branch, and sat until I eventually walked away.  How many shots can one take of a single bird?  

Then, I discovered a buck eating whatever greenery remains near the water.  He was not at all disturbed by me, and started to approach.  And kept coming, and coming.  Finally, when he was no more than 12 or so feet from me I got scared and backed away.  I honestly thought I would have to start running.  The photo in extras has only a minimal crop.  I know the deer population here in suburbia is fearless, but that was a bit crazy.
Anyway, it was a fun outing and gave me some unusual opportunities to try out my new toy. 

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