By wrperry

The Same Friend?

On this brisk, windy day it was easier to take a walk nearby, rather than get in the car and hope that I had bundled up enough.  I went back to the creek behind my house, where I had spent time yesterday with a handsome Red-shouldered Hawk.  I was following the call of a jay, when I saw him (or her), farther away than I would have liked, but unmistakable with that reddish breast and bright white feathers.  He was eating something in or on that log at first but then sat still and watched me approach.  This must be the hawk from yesterday.  I did a bit of research and apparently they nest beginning in April.  I certainly hope that this one stays here and finds a mate. 
Thank you for your lovely comments on yesterday's hawk blip.  The ultimate would be finding a nest to watch this spring.  I'll certainly give it a good try.

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