By davidc

Flower Friday: Snowdrop

I thought I'd blip a snowdrop again for this week's Flower Friday challenge, as by next week I suspect they'll be looking a bit less pristine. This is shot with the flower resting on my tablet screen showing plain white light, with a layer of greaseproof paper under it to add the texture.

Thanks as always to BikerBear Anni for hosting FF.

The extra shows a lovely surprise I was given today. Last weekend a pal at the camera club asked if anyone had some miners' lamps he could borrow for a still-life challenge he was doing. Well I do have a couple of rather lovely reproduction lamps which I actually used for something similar last November so I dropped them off at his house. He was pleased with the result of his photos, and when I popped by to pick them up again today he gave me a lovely fruit cake as a "thankyou". (He's a retired baker/cake decorator.) I took a photo of it before we cut into it - it's as delicious as it looks. How lovely of him - it was unnecessary but much appreciated especially by my taste buds!

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