His Simple Rose

By HisSimpleRose

Moving Day.

Despite the lack of sleep, physical illness and feelings of light headedness, sickness and doziness, I was determined from the word go that I was going to help with the big move. The surgery I work at (Hill Top), was moving from a port-a-cabin to a big, colourful building. I wanted to be part of that. And I had yet to see the inside of this new shiny building.
I got Dad to pray for me before I went into work. That I would have enough strength. I'm so glad he did, otherwise, I don't think I would have lasted.
I worked 9am - 4pm. Till I almost dropped, with feelings of faintness approaching again towards the end.
I'm happy I helped, and I enjoyed the day. It was new and kinda exciting. The building is amazing and I love the colours. I'm thinking I might get lost.... And never want to leave the staff room. It has some pretty comfortable purple sofas (as shown in the photo above). I almost fell asleep on one in my lunch break.
I couldn't eat properly. My body's not unto it yet, but I had some mentos, a Twirl and a couple of biscuits.
I went to bed when I got home...got in my cow onesie... and counted 11 paper cuts in my boredom. Couldn't cope not having a purpose at home after doing so much all day. Being ill is so frustrating.

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