Well, not caged exactly, but behind a substantial high gate. Spotted it on the way back home after a walk by the river this afternoon. The breeze was icy and the forecast sunshine didn't materialise, but occasionally there was a tiny hint of blue sky above the clouds. Or was it just wishful thinking?!

Anyway, most of the day was spent indoors, much of it doing a bit more in the hall - filling in the holes I managed to miss yesterday, and making a start on the sanding. There's an awful lot of it to do, so it may take a while.

Pre-pandemic, I had a small supply of greetings cards for different occasions, bought whenever I saw one I really liked. Haven't been in any card shops for over a year, and so many family birthdays recently that my stock has dwindled rapidly. This evening I ordered some from a local art college in the hope of supporting local artists rather than large companies. Spent an enjoyable hour browsing - so many lovely cards that it was difficult to choose...

Lockdown 3, day 60


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