simple but not plain

My ingestion of fruitstuffs and vegetablekind settled back to a sensible level many years ago after the disruptions caused by the student diet of the mid-late nineties but I still occasionally go too far either one way or the other. This is usually when packets of biscuits find their way into the house but I often seek to redress such imbalances by filling myself with apples or satsumas or beans or the various tomato-based onion-containing pepper-augmented carrot-sometimesed spicy pasta/rice/kidney bean/chickpea-carrying sauces and pastes which I usually make when in a making-things mood. Today at work we were offered the chance to dress normally in return for working really hard to clear lots of simplish jobs off the job tracker and were encouraged by the boss-provision of unhealthy concentration-mitigating foodcrap in the form of crisps, cakelets, biscuits and tooth-eating carbonated drinks. I only had a muffin, one bag of crisps and a small piece of caramel shortbread but still felt greasy and unclean when I got home and decided that a giant bowl of cabbage was the answer. Hardly the variety of greens recommended by public health entities but better than either nothing or something worse.

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