Whilst I am grateful to all the slices of chili on my pizza for reviving me slightly and getting rid of the nasty feeling of encroaching nose-oddness I do wish that chili-packaging-people were legally obliged to display the Scoville rating of the particular species on each packet. I had to stop after a couple of slices and get some milk. Still, a nice and tasty end to a reasonable day; although it was again rather longer than days should really be I did get to walk a bit at lunchtime even if only to pop to a different building for a three-hour meeting and got to walk back through very pleasant and springlike air and got a free chocolate orange for five minutes' babblingspeak at the meeting. I also found again that if you've hit a brick wall attempting to get a data step to behave sensibly then a quick and inexpensive SQL can be revelatory. Let's hope it still works in the morning.

Midnight, eh? Damn.

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