Hurray for Women!

Beauty is easy at the moment; getting a woman for International Women's Day is harder, so when I saw this sibling pair running past, got them instead of the blossom I'd gone down the bottom of our Land to capture, maybe tomorrow...

Mike has been working on a rail for the mezzanine in the other room; I've spent a lot of time making another load of marmalade from our oranges. Keep giving jars away (Kasia said it was the best marmalade she'd ever eaten) and don't want to run out, I do like it and like knowing the oranges are good ones. 

So much could be said about this day, and lots of Blippers have... 

- a Dad who never made me feel less because I was a girl, and two grandmothers who were strong women, especially his Mum
- two feisty, strong, and beautiful daughters, who make me proud every day
- not to mention a possibly even feistier granddaughter, way to go, gorgeous!

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