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Just yesterday when blipper anrola blipped some flowering currant I was surprised as it seemed very early then, today, while out walking I came across this so felt duty bound to post it myself.
I didn't have any ill effects from the weekend's gardening marathon and set off first thing down to the Post Office. Unfortunately, contrary to what I had been led to believe the package I was returning was not to go there. I was directed to two other shops, in each case meeting a polite refusal but redirection to where they thought I needed to be. Success at last though at the third stop.
On my way back home I drove past a very sad sight, an empty and for let Bon Papillon - my favourite art gallery and coffee stop in Gower Street. I had known that their lease was due to come to an end at the end of March but seeing the shop empty was still a shock. Stuart's cakes and scones were legendary, their soups delicious in fact all of their food was just right. They had the perfect balance, they'd feed you up, talk to you, make you feel welcome and then, while sitting there quite replete, you were ripe for the picking when it came to buying one of Ingrid's cards, prints or paintings. Not that they actively needed to sell me anything, I found that everything was so tempting . I will genuinely miss them. I'll put one of Ingrid's paintings (I have a few) and some cafe goodies as an extra.
Back home and after rescuing the washing from a shower which threatened but then, of course, didn't materialise, I went out for another walk. 2.5 miles this time so I was very pleased with that. My knee is improving all the time.
We had a delicious stirfry for dinner then settled down for BBC 2's Monday Quiz night.
Keep safe and well everyone. The 2nd dose vaccines are due to be rolling out in just a few weeks once the supply is back up and running.

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