La vida de Annie

By Annie

¡Sin electricidad!

It’s been quite a day. Woke up to find power off. Rest of village seemed fine and no circuits tripped. We spent most of day trying to contact electricity company - all recorded messages in Spanish or Catalan telling you to get information on their web page. No internet to do that of course. Messaged guy at bank who tried too and got nowhere. Got hold of Emma from the estate agents who did the same. They eventually told her to ring number on back of latest bill. We don’t have paper billing. All this time it was torentially raining, really dark and couldn’t open the electric shutter to let light in! Got hold of Toni who is a handyman we use - he spent ages on phone to electric company too ( nearest office in Mallorca ) and got nowhere. He (illegally) opened the outdoor fuse box for the street and discovered the fault was there and a main fuse was out, only for this house though. He’s not licensed to mess with Endesa property so called someone who is, who came round an hour later and managed a temporary fix by tapping off next-doors circuit (they have been away for a year). He’ll come back and do a permanent repair in the morning. As it was dark by then I already had candles lit and a wind-up lamp ready. That first hot drink all day at 6pm was great!

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