By Missycat

Day 351 Behind the wheel at last

Today was Violet's first day back at school since before Christmas and it was my day to bite the bullet and get behind the wheel of my new car for the first time.  The last time I drove at all was in January when I still had my beloved Freelander.  I suppose the change from old to new is really a repeat of the experience I had when I first drove the Freelander after a very old Ford Galaxy - lots of technology!  The park assist is new to me and this is the first car I've had that doesn't have a manual hand brake.  My verdict?  It's really lovely to drive and I'm sure I'll love it as much as its predecessor.
Mr MC walked Violet to her classroom where she vanished happily along with her classmates and at the end of the day came out still smiling.  She doesn't have to worry about tests and masks, being only 6 and long may that continue.
In other news:  coverage of snippets of That Interview took up as much news time as the pandemic today and I confess that I did watch the first 30 minutes this evening and recorded the rest.  It was just as glossy and carefully edited and produced as one might expect from an OW production.

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